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About LiveBackup

LiveBackup is the best Australian backup and recovery service provider.
We provide fully managed data protection service to businesses by combining
world-leading backup and recovery software with highly secure local data centres.

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We provide value beyond software

Our backup and restore provides solutions for safeguarding all your business data. LiveBackup’s reliable and customisable solutions can meet the requirements of any business and protect all corporate devices, from servers to computers, tablets, even smartphones.

Our service supports the majority of business applications and databases and provides you with solutions that back up everything as often as you need, without compromising your efficiency.

Our premium service provides you with competitive advantage

LiveBackup provides superior backup solutions to modern Australian companies. The automated service offers significant cost and time savings while raising the level of data protection. Our fully managed service enables companies to protect all their devices and data with a single easy-to-manage platform. We combine secure and effortless backup, reliable and quick data restores with a predictable, pay-as-you-go model. LiveBackup effectively frees companies’ resources from managing backup and focuses attention where it matters most, on business growth.

The very best online backup and recovery solution for business

LiveBackup is Australia’s foremost managed data backup and restore provider. We combine world-leading technology, local data centres, and offer a service that merges a remote, cloud backup with local backup, resulting in the ultimate data protection service. Our secure, remote backup, enables companies to safeguard their critical data in a reliable and cost-effective manner. LiveBackup is an answer to companies’ needs to protect their data from damage, corruption or loss due to technical problems, human error, or physical disaster.

Exceptional products and partnering options for service providers

We are fully committed to building and maintaining strong partner relationships. To this end, LiveBackup has developed an elaborate partner support program. Becoming a LiveBackup partner enables service providers to offer their customers a highly valued, business backup service that generates recurring revenues and differentiates them within their market. Our partners benefit from offering a fully automated managed service that takes care of all aspects of data backup. Our support includes proactive business building support, training and other resources available through our partner support program.

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