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Advantages of premium business backup

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Fully managed online backup and restore solutions for businesses. LiveBackup offers unique customisable possibilities, which enable companies to design a backup solution according to their needs.

Protection of all devices

One backup and recovery platform for all devices your business uses. LiveBackup offers you a possibility to centralise backup of all business data whether it is kept on servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones.

  • Back up all devices
  • Back up everything
  • Centralised business backup

Unlimited business continuity options

Customisable backup and recovery service allows you numerous business continuity options. LiveBackup lets you define your backup according to your need: define what data will be backed up, how often and for how long. Meet all your data protection objectives with no data loss and practically no downtime.

  • Customisable data protection
  • Meets the highest RPO and RTO objectives
  • Flexible and scalable solutions for business

Unlimited software backup

LiveBackup successfully unifies data from multisystem environments, allowing you one backup for data from various databases, operating systems and business applications you use. A simple and easy to implement solution that demands no hardware or software updates from your part.

  • Full database support
  • Backup data from multisystem network
  • Backup data from Exchange, SharePoint, SAP

Fully managed service

Our fully managed service relieves you of all time and money consuming tasks related to backup. LiveBackup takes care of all software and hardware updates related to backup. From online backups, through secure storage, up to immediate data restoration, LiveBackup vastly improves the effectiveness of your data protection process. You can choose the level of your involvement.

  • Fully outsourced backup software and hardware maintenance
  • Auto-repair ensure data integrity
  • User specified reporting
  • Different levels of outsourcing and backup management

Agentless backup technology

Agentless technology behind LiveBackup service eliminates the need to install software on every target machine you need to protect. Companies are charged only for the total amount of compressed data from across the business – no matter how many desktops, laptops or other devices are protected.

  • Reliable scheduled backups
  • No ongoing IT resources required
  • No possibility for human error

Instant data restores

LiveBackup technology allows you near-instant data restores, whether you use our “Ready to restore“ on-site vaults, or are connected via high speed internet to one our data centre vaults, your critical data will be restored with minimum downtime and your business will be back in operation.

  • At LAN speed directly from your onsite vault
  • From an offsite vault via broadband
  • Fast physical delivery for large data volumes

Full backup transparency and control

Via the LiveBackup portal, you can monitor and manage all your backup files. The portal enables you to browse through backup packages, choose which files will be restored, or delete files you no longer want to keep. At the same time, you can use the portal to monitor all reports generated by our team and keep track of all changes.

  • Full visibility and control over backup files an processes
  • User backup monitoring tool
  • Simple administration

Total security guaranteed

The LiveBackup service offers you complete security; your data will never be lost, corrupted, or irretrievable. We offer your business the highest levels of security measures to ensure that backed up data is only readable by designated people. Using AES or DES 56-256 bit encryption, the data is encrypted prior to being transmitted to the offsite vaults. Two sets of encryption keys are required to decrypt data during a restore.

  • Data replication to an on-site and/or one or two remote secure vaults
  • Full encryption during transfer and storage
  • Customer defined release code ownership

Recovery based pricing

LiveBackup uses a pricing model that is fairer than traditional pricing models as it is based on the percentage of data you recover annually. The backup fee and recovery fee are separated, meaning your costs will remain low even as your data grows. With recovery based pricing, you’ll realise significant immediate savings of 40% and even up to 70% over time allowing you to better manage your IT budget and gain operational efficiencies.

  • Low, predictable costs
  • Separate recovery and backup fees
  • Immediate and long-term savings

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