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Secure Backup Solutions for International Business

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If you are an Australian company with an international presence, data backup and storage can be a real headache. LiveBackup is a comprehensive yet secure backup solution for all your backup requirements.

Secure backup for international business

A single backup platform

LiveBackup makes data protection easy with a single data protection platform spanning across all your offices, regardless of their location. Our easy-to-use software allows for the backup of all data from computers, servers, laptops, tablets and even employee’s smartphones. This information can then be managed centrally, and restored easily in the event of an emergency.

Fully compliant, customisable and secure backup solution

Fully compliant, customisable and secure backups

Operating internationally implies numerous and varied regulatory demands. LiveBackup provides you with the resources to comply with all the relevant regulatory requirements, no matter where in the world your offices are. We offer fully-customisable solutions with the ability to monitor and manage backups from individual devices of entire offices.

Secure backup for international business

LiveBackup makes multi-site backup simple

Traditional backup solutions are often complex and difficult to execute. With LiveBackup, implementing your company’s protection standards across multiple offices has never been easier. Once files have been selected and backup frequency set, LiveBackup automatically takes care of the rest. Relax; knowing that all your data is safe, secure and easily accessible.

International business backup solutions

An economical backup solution

No question, your data is the foundation of your business...and what value do you place on that? However, why waste funds on clumsy traditional methods, paying upfront for software, hardware and backup media? LiveBackup offers a lower overall outlay and charges you only for the total amount of protected data.

secure backup solution for International business

LiveBackup guarantees data security

Privacy and security are the cornerstones of our business. LiveBackup software utilises AES 128-256 bit encryption, meaning your data is encrypted both during transmission to its backup location, and while it resides in backup vaults. Our software has been perfected over the last 25 years and has not once experienced a breach in security or data loss.

secure backup for international business

Why choose LiveBackup for your business


Integrated data protection

Multiple offices don't mean a complicated, timely backup process. LiveBackup offers businesses a straightforward backup and restore platform, protecting all offices and data easily and efficiently.



LiveBackup’s automated backup process means no need for additional IT staff. Our single backup solution protects your data while freeing up your IT staff for other matters.


Customisable service

Every business has specialised backup requirements. LiveBackup’s answer is a customisable programme that meets your business’s needs, creating unique protection standards.


Full compliance

Having overseas offices entails a multitude of operational standards required by local laws. LiveBackup allows you to easily meet Australian and international regulations.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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How LiveBackup works

Learn about LiveBackup’s services and how we can help protect valuable business data.

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