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Data Backup Solutions for Mobile Workforce Business

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An online backup solution specifically designed for companies who rely on a team of mobile staff. This secure and reliable service resolves the challenges of data protection for a mobile workforce.

Business solutions for backup mobile and handheld devices

Full control of business data - backup mobile devices

Protecting business data located on mobile devices can be challenging. Not only is it a burden on bandwidth, but as an added complication, backup processes often depend on end-user knowledge. LiveBackup minimises bandwidth usage and reliance on the end user by encrypting and compressing files and sending only incremental data changes.

Backup mobile devices your business uses

Backup management has never been easier

LiveBackup allows you to centrally configure and manage all aspects of backups via a simple web-based interface. This ensures that end-user data is available for restoration in the event of drive failures, viruses or loss of the device. It is not necessary for the mobile device to connect to the corporate network for backups to occur or be monitored.

backup solution for mobile devices

Bare-metal restoration for mobile devices

Mobile devices are at a much higher risk of malfunction due to frequent relocation and movement, but with our bare-metal restoration you can rest assured that, if something happens to a mobile device, your critical business data is totally secure and can easily be restored to the same or a brand new device. You may lose your mobile device... but will never lose your data!

Mobile workforce backup solutions

Achieve full regulatory compliance easily

Just a few simple configuration steps will protect anything you can’t afford to lose – customer records, personnel files, intellectual property, and financial information. The flexibility of LiveBackup enables you to fully satisfy every regulatory requirement demanded of your business.
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Why choose the LiveBackup service

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Fully automated service provides control

The automated process moves responsibility away from the end user and gives you control over the company’s intellectual property.

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Reduce bandwidth and storage

Data deduplication and storage of a single copy of data across all users means a significant reduction in data transfers and storage.

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Support for iPhones, iPads and Android tablets

Backup and access data from any device including mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.

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Bare-metal restoration

Lost, stolen, dropped or damaged mobile device? No problem. Our bare-metal restoration lets you easily restore data to any other device.

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Achieve full compliance in an instant

LiveBackup provides you with the capacity to fully comply with all regulatory requirements in just a few simple steps.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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How LiveBackup works

Learn about LiveBackup’s services and how we can help protect valuable business data.

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