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Remote Backup Solutions for Single Location Business

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LiveBackup is perfect for companies who require backup for a single location. Our backup is customisable and can be tailored to meet your
specific data protection needs

Single location backup

Unified protection for all servers and computers

Traditional backup solutions are designed for specific devices or servers, leaving you to seek out multiple solutions. Our service enables you to protect data from all the devices used by your business and employees – from servers and desktops to laptops, tablets, even iPhones. With LiveBackup you can protect all of your intellectual property.

Single location business backup

The automated process saves time and resources

Employees managing existing tape backup solutions are preoccupied with repetitive and non-productive tasks. With LiveBackup there is no need for media management. Simply select the data you want backed up, determine how often it will be backed up, and our software automatically takes care of the rest.

Single location business backup solution

Recover data and recommence operations quickly

Accidents happen. How long can your business cope without critical information? Fast data recovery minimises disruption and losses to your business. LiveBackup’s on-site vault offers you LAN-speed data restoration. Regardless of what has happened, you’ll be able to restore your data in no time and continue with business as usual.

Remote backup solution for your business

Reliable and secure remote backup locations

For additional security, LiveBackup offers you the option of a reliable offsite location to which you can replicate your business’ operation-critical data. Two fully certified data centres are manned 24/7 and guarantee uncompromising levels of security. With data replicated offsite you minimise the potential risks that come with backups at a single location.

Remote backup solutions

Scalable storage and predictable costs

LiveBackup vaults can store as much data as you need to protect. On-site vaults will accommodate anywhere between 50 GB to 10 TB of your data. Our data centre vaults are practically unlimited. Your monthly fee is based on the total amount of protected data; there are no additional charges for hardware purchases, hardware maintenance, software installation and updates.

Remote backup solutions for single location business

Why choose the LiveBackup service

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Integrated protection

One backup solution for all devices, operating systems and business applications.

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An automated process

Backups are done automatically as scheduled, no user intervention is required.

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No upfront costs

We provide and maintain all equipment, install and update the backup software.

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Instant restores

Restore your critical data in an instant, from an on-site or offsite backup vault.

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Flexible solutions

A highly customisable service that can accommodate all your specific backup needs.

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Incremental backup

Only data that has changed is copied, so there is no chance of file duplication.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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How LiveBackup works

Learn about LiveBackup’s services and how we can help protect valuable business data.

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