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Cloud to Cloud Backup Solutions

More than one in every three companies lose data in the cloud. LiveBackup enables you to backup, restore and manage all your data residing on cloud-based servers easily and efficiently with our cloud-to-cloud backup solution.

Protect your data in the cloud

For years, it has been standard practice to backup your critical data. Yet, enterprises are moving critical data to online services like Salesforce and Google Apps without clear plans for how to back it up and restore it.

Who is responsible for data in the cloud?

Even though your data resides outside of your organisation’s boundaries and data centres, your customers, the government and the industry in which you operate still hold you responsible for keeping that data safe.

LiveBackup’s cloud-to-cloud backup solution enables you to automatically back up all your cloud data and quickly restore it – either back to the cloud or to a physical location. You’ll have peace of mind that your data is always protected and fully recoverable no matter where it is, and accessible even if your cloud provider is offline.