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LiveBackup for Salesforce

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LiveBackup for Salesforce enables you to protect your most critical data – sales and customer information. You’ll have assurance that all your important data can be retrieved quickly, easily and completely – directly to the Salesforce cloud or to a local drive.

Comprehensive data protection

Comprehensive data protection

User caused errors like accidental deletions, third party app overwrites and malicious attacks happen all the time. Salesforce disaster recovery system doesn’t protect your data from any of these. LiveBackup for Salesforce backs up everything in your Salesforce database that falls within standard objects, including accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns, opportunities and attachments, ensuring full protection of your data.

Simple automated backup

Simple, automated backup

LiveBackup’s automated backup is simple. There is no need for manual intervention that can lead to errors. Data backups are scheduled to run automatically at regular intervals, and as often as your business requires – monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly, which is particularly beneficial for international businesses operating in different time zones.

Fast and easy restoration

Fast and easy restoration

Salesforce charges exorbitant fees for data recovery and there are no guarantees when and if you’ll get all of your data back. With LiveBackup for Salesforce, your entire data set can be restored directly to the Salesforce production instance or sandbox instance – all with a single mouse click, at any given time.

Local and offsite storage

On-site and offsite storage

Your Salesforce data will be collected and stored in an encrypted format at your premises and/or within a cloud backup storage of your choice, providing an additional level of security in the event of an on-site disaster.
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3 reasons you should back up your Salesforce data


Your data in Salesforce in not protected

While Salesforce has disaster recovery plans in place, they are not meant to protect your data. They protect Salesforce from disasters at their facilities, not your organisation’s data loss.  

You should always have control over your business data

Salesforce is not legally obligated to protect your data. You are. Your Salesforce data resides in the provider’s online environment, outside of the boundaries of your organisation.

Recovering your data is not guaranteed and will cost you. A lot.

Salesforce offers no service level agreements for data backup and recovery. This means it could be days, even weeks before you get your data back, and the cost of data recovery starts at $10,000.


Why LiveBackup for Salesforce?



Restoration at the speed of business

Restoring your data is fast and easy. Your entire data set or individual objects can be restored back to the Salesforce production instance or a testing environment.


Customisable data protection

LiveBackup’s service lets you set multiple retention and replications options, enabling you to have full control over how often your data is backed up - every hour or once a month.


Uncompromised data security

LiveBackup protects your Salesforce data with iron-cast security. From transfer to storage, your data is protected using AES128-256 bit encryption, preventing unauthorised access and data corruption.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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