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iPhone Backup Solutions for Business

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The first Australian backup and restore service designed to fully protect all your business devices – including iPhones.

Information stored on non-traditional endpoint devices such as iPhones are critical to business operations, yet usually the users are responsible for protecting it. LiveBackup gives you the tools to implement the same level of data protection standards used on your enterprises’ computers and servers.

iphone backup for businesses

A simple business iPhone backup

LiveBackup introduces an online backup solution that gives you a quick backup and restore through our intuitive GUI. It is efficient and easy to use: Back up and restore data. Anytime, anywhere!

Business iphone backup solution

Consolidated data protection

Instead of developing separate protection plans for your critical business data, you can now design a consolidated strategy and be assured that LiveBackup can collect, back up, and safeguard all your critical information from PCs, Laptops, tablets, smartphones and even iPhones.

online backup for your company's iphone

Automated iPhone backup

LiveBackup software collects data from your iPhone and sends it to your company’s backup vault. All you need is an Internet connection and your data will be automatically backed up. There is no need to initiate start or monitor your backup process!

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Rollback feature for your iPhone backup

Think Apple’s time machine or system restore for your enterprise iPhone. LiveBackup gives you the rollback feature to return the device to its state at any earlier point. This function allows additional management possibilities that were previously reserved for PCs and laptops.

IPhone users can back up contacts, calendars, and photos using LiveBackup.

Benefits of the LiveBackup service:

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One control for all backups

Keeping track of your backup has never been easier – our web interface provides IT managers and company administrators with a single tool to manage all backup files.

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Self-manage iPhone backup

Our GUI allows iPhone users to back up and restore anytime. If you lose internet connection and miss the scheduled backup, you can initiate a backup or restore any time.

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Cost-effective solutions

Regardless how many business iPhones you protect, there are no additional costs. You are only charged for the amount of data protected.

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Achieve full compliance

LiveBackup allows you to successfully protect all your data, and therefore comply with all regulatory requirements set before your business.

Business solutions

Our backup and recovery service offers you an opportunity to design the backup you need.

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How LiveBackup works

Learn more about the LiveBackup service and how it can help protect your business data today.

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LiveBackup advantages

We take pride in our service; see why LiveBackup sets new standards in business backup.

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