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Laptop Backup Solutions for Businesses

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Online Backup and restore solutions for businesses with elaborate data protection needs that include protection of company’s intellectual property on laptops, as well as servers and desktops.

Laptop backup for your company

Business backup that includes laptops

Laptops have long been essential for busy professionals, and the amount of vital or confidential data stored on a laptop can be vast. However, most business backup solutions don’t include on-field laptops. LiveBackup provides an advanced, yet simple backup solution for business laptops and desktops.

Laptop backup solution for your employees

How LiveBackup protects your laptop

LiveBackup software installed on your business laptop collects, compresses, encrypts, and sends your data to your office backup vault or to a remote backup vault in which your business backup is stored and maintained. You determine what files, and how often are backed up.

laptop protection plan your company needs

Automated, effortless laptop backup process

As long as your laptop is connected to the local network or a WAN connection, your data is being securely backed up. The process is completely automated, and has built-in data reduction, such as block-level deduplication and compression, which result in WAN bandwidth savings.

business laptop backup for full protection.

Ideal backup solution for mobile workforce

LiveBackup service can accommodate backup requirements of a large number of mobile or in-home workers. With a single centralised interface, you can monitor and manage backup on all your devices, both desktops and portables.

Reliable business laptop backups

Recover your data any time, anywhere

Backed up data is always accessible and retrievable. Use our simple GUI to restore files yourself, or your IT manager can restore files using web interface. In the event of laptop destruction or theft, use bare metal restore to recover all your backed up data to a new device.

Advantages of incremental backup



One centralised management tool

Keeping track of your backup has never been easier. Our web interface gives IT managers or company’s administrator a single tool to access and manage all backup files.


Self-manage your laptop backup

In case scheduled backup has been missed, or laptop user made significant changes to their files and wishes to protect, both backup and restore can be initiated anytime.


Significant backup storage reduction

Features of our backup software combine deduplication and compression, which save backup time, storage space, and reduce your costs.


Predictable and affordable service

LiveBackup charges you only with the total amount of stored data, no matter how many laptops or other devices you have protected.


Achieve full compliance

With full protection of all devices your business uses, LiveBackup provides you with capacity to comply with all regulatory requirements simply and with ease.

LiveBackup offers you a simple, cost-effective backup solution, which lets you centralise and protect all company data from laptops your business uses.

Business solutions

Our backup and recovery service offers you an opportunity to design the backup you need.

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How LiveBackup works

Learn more about the LiveBackup service and how it can help protect your business data today.

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LiveBackup advantages

We take pride in our service; see why LiveBackup sets new standards in business backup.

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