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PC & MAC Backup Solutions for Business

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LiveBackup offers market-leading online backup and restore service to businesses that need a seamless, efficient solution for the protection of company’s PCs and Macs.

PC backup solutions for your business

Protect all computers (PCs or MACs) with one backup

Complex business environments include both a variety of devices and an operating system, which, in the end, demand multiple backup solutions. LiveBackup offers backup and recovery solutions that let you protect all your PCs and Macs, at once.

Mac backup for your business

A scalable and flexible backup for PCs and Macs

The flexibility of LiveBackup's service makes it possible to collect data from devices in multisystem environments and create a central backup for your business. No matter how many new devices you introduce, our service can accommodate them.

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How LiveBackup protects your computers

LiveBackup software is installed on your dedicated server, or each of your machines, and from there it collects, encrypts, and sends data from your office computers to on-site, or a remote backup vault, where backup is stored and maintained. You decide what data will be backed up and how often.

Corporate PC/Mac backup solution

Hands-free business backup service

Once backup schedules and data retention have been set, LiveBackup requires no user involvement. Your data is being securely backed up over the office LAN, and since our software has deduplication and data compression, the process will have no impact on computer resources.

PC& Mac backup and restore solutions

A reliable and fast data recovery

Using autonomic self-healing and data validation, LiveBackup provides tools for identifying and correcting problematic backup files. Rest assured that backed up data is valid and can be restored within minutes to any of your PCs or Macs.

ibackup and PC backup all in one

Uncompromised data security

LiveBackup uses the highest levels of security measures to ensure that backed up data is only readable by designated people at the company. The data is encrypted using AES or DES 56-256 bit encryption, prior to being transmitted to an on-site, or an offsite vault.

Secure PC& Mac backup solutions

Simple backup self-management

Our service provides you with a simple-to-use interface and gives you complete control over your backup. You can browse through your files, logs and reports, initiate backup or a data restore process, all without involving your IT managers.

Benefits of the LiveBackup service:

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Significant cost savings

LiveBackup service requires no new hardware purchases; our software enables significant cost reduction for bandwidths, and backup storage.

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Predictable expenses

No matter how many computers your business uses or introduces over time, LiveBackup charges you only with the total amount of data stored.

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One solution for your backup

LiveBackup offers full data protection for your servers and desktops on the business LAN, as well as remote tablets, iPhones, and laptops.

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Improved backup efficiency

Our software runs with negligible impact on servers, workstations, and laptops, therefore significantly reducing your operating expenses.

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Access data anytime

Via our web interface, you can manage your backup set, its schedule, and also view logs. Access and restore backed up data anytime and anywhere.

Business solutions

Our backup and recovery service offers you an opportunity to design the backup you need.

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How LiveBackup works

Learn more about the LiveBackup service and how it can help protect your business data today.

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LiveBackup advantages

We take pride in our service; see why LiveBackup sets new standards in business backup.

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