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A Multiple Server Backup
from a Single Account

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Managed online backup and restore solutions designed for the new age of data protection. LiveBackup provides companies with the opportunity to monitor and manage multiple server backups from a single account.

Server backup

Protect all your servers with one backup

Our managed online backup solutions successfully back up and restore data from all types of servers. You can now fully protect your mail, file, or web server with same software and from a centralised location via web interface.

Backup for server

A secure, reliable and efficient server backup

LiveBackup service provides you with all the tools and functions needed to manage your distributed data from one central web interface. From there, you can monitor and manage all your server backups, or initiate data restoration.

Remote server backup

An automated business backup service

You define the backup schedule, and LiveBackup automatically takes care of the rest. The data is compressed, encrypted, and then securely transferred to an on-site or offsite backup vault. Files can be saved as frequently as every minute.

Advantages of incremental backup

Instead of uploading full files, LiveBackup identifies and transmits only parts of the files that have changed, or are new. This requires less bandwidth and eliminates unnecessary data transfers that rob your network and CPUs of vital power and productivity.


Complete data security

Your data is always secure. Using AES or DES 56-256 bit encryption, the data is encrypted prior to being transmitted to on-site or offsite vaults. Two sets of encryption keys are required to decrypt data during a data restore.


Backup storage and cost reductions

Our software includes block-level compression and deduplication, which makes backups more efficient and significantly reduces storage costs compared to traditional backup solutions. Software saves only the changes to previous backup files.


Incredibly fast backup and recovery

LiveBackup allows you to restore files, folders, or an entire server through a centralised management portal. Retrieve data from your Exchange, SQL Server and Windows File Server environments within minutes and keep your operations running.

Agentless server backup of Windows/Unix/Linux/Mac/AS400 applications and databases

Benefits of the LiveBackup service:

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Increase of productivity

An automated service saves you time and resources otherwise wasted on implementing and monitoring complex backup procedures.

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Improved performance

LiveBackup software includes encryption and compression technologies that significantly reduce total backup speed, bandwidth requirements, and amount of backup storage.

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Ease of management

Use the web interface to manage data from anywhere with any Mac, PC, or Linux-based computer. Centralised management lets you monitor backups from all protected servers.

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Flexible data retention

Our service allows you to set different retention, so you can be sure that you can restore your data to its exact state at any backup during that window.

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Absolute data security

We employ the highest levels of security measures to ensure that backed up data is only readable by designated people.

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Achieve full compliance

New corporate standards and government regulations require specific data management protocols. LiveBackup can help your business meet those regulations, and more.

Business solutions

Our backup and recovery service offers you an opportunity to design the backup you need.

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How LiveBackup works

Learn more about the LiveBackup service and how it can help protect your business data today.

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LiveBackup advantages

We take pride in our service; see why LiveBackup sets new standards in business backup.

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