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Tablet Backup Solutions for Business

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LiveBackup tablet backup solutions allow businesses to incorporate data from company’s tablets into a centralised business backup.

The number of tablet users in the business world is growing daily, and so are the challenges to protect corporate intellectual property stored on the devices. LiveBackup offers a unique possibility to easily incorporate your Android tablets and iPads into your business backup solution.

tablet backup for your company

One backup for all your tablets

So far, backing up your tablet was a two-step process that involved synchronising your tablet with a PC or a Mac. LiveBackup allows you to skip additional steps and collect data from the tablet alongside all other devices your business uses into one centralised backup.

Company tablet backup solution

An automated tablet backup process

Installed on your tablet, LiveBackup software collects data from the device and sends it to the backup vault. You can be sure that, as long as you are connected to the LAN or the internet, your tablet is being securely backed up, and you don’t have to do anything.

Business tablet backup solution

Enhanced tablet backup management

LiveBackup provides you with a simple and intuitive interface that lets you recover in case of data loss. If you have made significant changes to your files and don’t want to wait for the scheduled backup, simply click on the “Backup Now” icon within the GUI, and the backup will take place immediately.

Corporate tablet backups

A simple and efficient tablet backup

With LiveBackup, data protection is a completely automated process, and software built-in data reduction techniques such as block-level deduplication and compression result in bandwidth savings. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, your backup will be up to date.

Apple tablet users can back up contacts, calendars and photos, while Android tablet users have the opportunity to protect their browser, call logs, contacts, music playlists, settings, and user dictionary.

Benefits of the LiveBackup service:

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A centralised backup management

IT managers can manage the online vault and data repository, tracking backups from all your devices via web interface, or rely on our status reports about scheduled backups.

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A quick and efficient data recovery

Restore critical data quickly from the local on-site vault, or the offsite data centre vault. LiveBackup lets back up while restoring, or restore while backing up.

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A cost-effective backup solution

Rest assured that, no matter how many tablets are protected, LiveBackup will charge you only with the total amount of data protected.

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LiveBackup GUI lets tablet users back up and restore anytime, anywhere. You neither have to wait for the scheduled backup, nor contact your IT manager to backup or restore.

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Rollback your tablet

With LiveBackup, you can do much more than back up and restore your tablet data. Use the rollback feature to return your tablet to its data state from an earlier point.

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