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Image backup solutions for fast server restorations

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LiveBackup offers you a choice of several image backups software’s designed to reduce your potential downtime to an absolute minimum. Restore virtual or physical server within minutes.

Image backup solutions

Reliable backup software is a must, but modern businesses demand more, much more. New imperative is data restoration speed in the case of server or site disaster. LiveBackup choice of several image based backup software is designed to offer just that. Complete business continuity with all business critical servers up and running within minutes after a disaster.

Multiple choices for backup types

Whether you as a service provider take care of a number of dedicated servers, use VMware surrounding or combine the two LiveBackup can provide you with image based backup that suits your requirements. We offer you a choice of software designed for physical, virtual or both types of server.

Ease of use and peace of mind

If you are looking for a perfect peace of mind solution, image backup is your ideal choice. Backup images contain not only the data that your customer’s business relies on, but the complete system and all applications installed on their critical server. No matter what happens to it, an image can be sent to the physical or virtual machine and their server will be up in no time.

Optimal use of backup storage

Our image backups have built in data compression providing you with the optimal use of backup storage. Some of the solutions have deduplication as well, reducing the size of backup images up to 80%. This significant reduction in size enables faster data transfers, making backup images WAN optimised.

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Reliable offsite locations

LiveBackup complements this offer by providing the reliable cloud storage for your backup images in one, or both of our Australian based data centres. Keeping your backup images offsite provides you with assurance that your data is safe no matter what happens to your office or hardware, but replicating your data to another offsite location provides you with additional reliability and true peace of mind.

Image Backup solutions ideal for managed service providers

The ultimate data protection

Image backup demonstrates true value in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Since the image contains a copy of everything, all that the restore requires is inserting the image into a new drive, without the need to re-install the system, or any of the applications.

The ultimate data protection provided by LiveBackup combines image backups for extremely fast rebuilding of the servers and our object based backup software for restoring all the files that have been changed in between the creation of backup images.

Features of LiveBackup image backup solutions


Backup physical or virtual server

Whether you prefer Veeam for virtual servers, Shadow Protect for physical or AppAssure for combined environments, LiveBackup can accommodate your requirements.


Managing different image backups

If you are managing different types of image backup for your customers, LiveBackup provides you with an ideal solution for a reliable cloud backup storage.


Restore to the same or dissimilar device

In the event of a server crash, replacing the device with an exact replica is very difficult. With image backup you can easily restore the server to any device.


Extremely fast server restoration

Backup containing image of the entire system allows you to rebuild a server from scratch within minutes and assure business continuity with minimum downtime.

Business solutions

Our backup and recovery service offers you an opportunity to design the backup you need.

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How LiveBackup works

Learn more about the LiveBackup service and how it can help protect your business data today.

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LiveBackup advantages

We take pride in our service; see why LiveBackup sets new standards in business backup.

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