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Business Applications (ERP, CRM & SCM) Backup Solutions

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LiveBackup gives you the opportunity to use a single backup and restore platform to safeguard all your business applications. The software behind our service supports the majority of ERPs, CRMs and SCMs.

ERP backup solutions

Protect all your business data

Most businesses rely on software to run their everyday operations. LiveBackup offers you a reliable backup and restore solution for safeguarding your emails, database applications, or documents that keep your business running smoothly.

CRM backup solutions

A single protection platform

The flexibility of LiveBackup service makes it possible to collect data from devices in multisystem environments and create a central backup for your business. No matter how many new devices you introduce, our service can accommodate them.

scm backup for true business continuity

How LiveBackup protects your computers

Whether you use cloud applications, a client server LAN, or combine them, LiveBackup can help you protect all your data. Using one centralised interface, you can easily monitor and manage backup processes, no matter where your data is located.

Business application backup, erp backup

Highly effective and resource-light

LiveBackup enables you to back up everything as often as you need without compromising your work efficiency. Our agentless software is easy on your machines, and incremental backups take just a fraction of time, making sure your data is safe without disrupting your everyday business.

backup your CRM or SCM applications

An ideal solution for live data

Businesses rely heavily on customer relationship management and supply chain management applications. In such circumstances, downtime would mean severe consequences for productivity. With LiveBackup, you can back up your live data as often as you need without interrupting your operations.

Premium business application backup

Design your own protection

Various types of data require different levels of protection; with LiveBackup you can tailor the backup frequency to your data, according to your needs. With our service, you can set many data retention policies to fully comply with all regulatory demands.

Benefits of LiveBackup service:



Protection for all data types

Our software supports all types of data. LiveBackup is a single backup management tool for backups and restoring of structured data from your databases, as well as all other files you wish to protect.


Cost-effective and flexible

With LiveBackup, you don’t have to combine multiple backup solutions, all you are charged is the total amount of protected data, no matter how many devices or applications you wish to protect.


Multiple management options

Although simple to use, LiveBackup offers a multitude of management options. You can set different backup schedules and retention policies, ensuring your business is properly secured.


Uncompromised data security

LiveBackup uses the highest security measures to ensure that backed up data is only readable by designated people. Data is encrypted using AES or DES 56-256 bit encryption at all times.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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Business solutions

See how LiveBackup can answer all your business data protection needs.

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LiveBackup advantages

We take pride in our service; see why LiveBackup sets new standards in business backup.

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