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Database Backup Solutions SQL, MySQL, Oracle

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LiveBackup enables you to regularly back up any active database, therefore avoiding data loss and its costly side effects. Our software supports most major databases, allowing you to restore easily.

Backup SQL

Database backup for SQL, MySQL and Oracle

Database backup is vital for protection against data loss, but often demands significant resources. LiveBackup provides you with a single platform that supports major databases, such as SQL, MySQL and Oracle, and lets you restore an entire database or selected database objects easily.


Corporate SQL backup

No more need for cold backups

Some backup solutions mandate for your database to be cold, or locked for users, in order to perform quality backups. LiveBackup relieves you of that. You can now back up your database as often as you want without interrupting your everyday business, and rest assured that integrity of your data is uncompromised.

MySQL backups for your company

Live backups for live databases

Our software enables you to create incremental backups, using deduplication and data compression. Backups are done by saving only block level changes, which means the process is fast, easy on your resources, and your data accurate even with live databases.

Backup solutions for all the databases

Design the backup according to your needs

Since LiveBackup doesn’t require you to stop your database while backing up, you can set its scheduling process according to your needs. If your database is frequently changing and growing, your backups can be as frequent as your data changes.

Business solution for Oracle backup

Database restorability guaranteed

LiveBackup software has built-in functionalities, such as data validation, which perform test restore of your data to ensure data integrity. The recoverability of your data is the key element of a successful backup solution. We offer you just that, reliable backups and restore no matter what happens.

Backup SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases with single solution

Uncompromised data security

LiveBackup uses the highest levels of security measures to ensure that backed up data is only readable by designated people at the company. The data is encrypted using AES128-256 bit encryption, prior to being transmitted to an on-site, or an offsite vault.

Security for database backup

Take full control over your backup

Database backups are complicated and time consuming when using traditional solutions. We offer you a comprehensive solution, which allows you to easily manage your entire backup and restore process. With a centralised monitoring portal, you can access all your data, start backups, initiate restores, or manage backup packages.
backup SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases LiveBackup offers the opportunity to perform hot backups of Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases while they are running; it also supports message level backups and restores of Exchange, GroupWise, and Lotus Notes.

Benefits of the LiveBackup service:


Unified data protection

LiveBackup provides you with a comprehensive and simple way to use the backup and restore platform, which protects all your offices and devices.


Ease of management

Empowering you to take control over your data protection with a comprehensive and simple to use backup and restore platform that gives you control over your data.


A cost-effective solution

An automated process relieves you of the need to hire more staff in order to protect business data. No more requirement for multiple backup solutions and higher costs.


Custom data protection standards

Customisable options of LiveBackup service allow you to set multiple retention and replication options, creating protection standards tailored to your specific needs.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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Business solutions

See how LiveBackup can answer all your business data protection needs.

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LiveBackup advantages

We take pride in our service; see why LiveBackup sets new standards in business backup.

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