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Operating Systems Backup Solutions – Windows, Linux, Unix

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A unique backup and restore solution lets you back up data from devices with different operating systems. Use a single backup solution for Windows, Linux and Unix operating system on all your devices.

Operating system backup for your company

A single solution to backup all operating systems

Businesses consider backup for one reason – protecting their company from data loss. To achieve this, most combine multiple backup products to ensure full data protection. LiveBackup offers you a single comprehensive platform that supports all operating systems, allowing you to protect everything with just one product.

Windows and Linux backup

Backup data from Windows, Linux or Unix

LiveBackup supports all operating systems which effectively allow you to manage all backups from servers and computers, down to tablets and smartphones. With a single backup solution, you can protect all your data from Windows, Linux, Unix, or mixed environment.

Linux backup and all other systems as well

Simplicity of management

Unlike traditional backup solutions that are specialised for specific environment and demand complex management, LiveBackup fully supports all operating systems, offering you one centralised management tool for all your backups and restores.

Solution for all your OS backups

True backup flexibility

Using one interface, you can just as easily back up your Windows or Macintosh server and your iPhone or Android tablet. LiveBackup therefore offers you unlimited possibilities to accommodate new capacities and protect all your data.

OS backup solution for your businessimage description

Efficient and cost-effective

LiveBackup’s integrated support makes it possible to collect data from devices in multisystem environments and create a central backup for your business. This makes backup management easy and frees your resources.  

Benefits of LiveBackup service:



A single solution for your backup

LiveBackup offers full data protection for your servers and desktops on the business LAN, as well as remote tablets, iPhones, and laptops.


A cost-effective solution

LiveBackup service requires no new hardware purchases; our software features enable significant cost reduction for bandwidths, and backup storage.


Predictable expenses

No matter how many computers your business uses or introduces over time, LiveBackup charges you only with total amount of stored data.


Improved backup efficiency

Our software runs with negligible impact on servers, workstations, and laptops, therefore significantly reducing your operating expenses.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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Business solutions

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LiveBackup advantages

We take pride in our service; see why LiveBackup sets new standards in business backup.

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