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Popular Backup Configurations

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LiveBackup provides Australian businesses with a choice of backup and restore configurations. Our highly customisable configurations allow you to design the backup platform which fully meets your company’s needs.

Local-only backup

  • All data is kept on the customer’s premises
  • Data backup and restore takes place at LAN speeds
  • A cost-effective alternative to tape backups

Local and data centre backup

  • Secure data centre location for replicated data
  • Ease of management across the network
  • Full business continuity in the event of a disaster

Local and two data centre backup

  • Frequent backups to an on-site vault
  • Two secure data centre vaults for full security
  • Maximum security for highly valuable data

Data centre backup

  • Possible to back up a variety of mobile devices
  • Consolidated management of multiple remote users
  • Fully accessible anytime and anywhere

Backup at two data centres

  • Guaranteed restorability in the event of a disaster
  • Complete support for mobile and remote users
  • Additional security for live servers – no downtime

Not sure? Try our Backup Configurator

  • Determine which configuration suits your needs
  • Calculate your data protection requirements
  • Design your own backup solution and request pricing