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Local and Data Centre Backup Configuration

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A configuration which provides all the advantages of speedy restoration from an on-site backup vault with the additional security that comes with replicating sensitive data to a secure data centre.

Local and data centre backup configuration

Backup architecture

This configuration includes the “ready-to-restore” vault which is installed at the client’s premises, as well as an additional vault at one of our world class data centres. This option also includes our LiveBackup software, which supports the latest operating systems and databases.

LiveBackup Local and data centre backup configuration

Technical features

The LiveBackup software collects the data from your servers and computers via the LAN connection or from remote devices via the Internet, and transmits it in encrypted form to an on-site vault. Thereafter your data can be restored at existing LAN speed. Data is then securely transmitted to a reliable data centre vault, where it also resides in an encrypted format.

LiveBackup Local and data centre backup

Business benefits

Combining on-site backup with a data centre vault provides companies with a guarantee of business continuity. At your business premises you are able to create multiple, independently restorable backups of your operationally critical data. Simultaneously, our data centre vault provides you with an additional level of security for critical data in the event of an on-site disaster.

Local and data centre backup

Key benefits of local and data centre backup configuration


Instant data restoration from an on-site vault


A secure data centre vault for complete peace of mind


Unique software features create significant bandwidth cost reduction


Ease of management of both local and remote devices


Multiple data retention options

Service management options

LiveBackup enables clients to select the options that suit their requirements best. Our local and data centre configuration can be fully outsourced to LiveBackup, self-managed by the client or the service and hardware can be jointly managed. Please contact our team for additional information.

Local and data centre backup

  Service management options
Service elements Outsourced Shared Private
On-site vault LiveBackup Shared Customer
Data centre vault Sydney LiveBackup Shared Customer
Data centre vault Brisbane x x x
Administration console Web portal Web portal Web portal
Technical support Level 1 Level 1 or Level 2 Level 2

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