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Local Only Backup Configuration

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This configuration offers a platform for backup and restore solutions, backing up data to an on-site vault without sending it to an offsite location. The data is secure and is instantly restorable.

local only backup

Backup architecture

This configuration includes the “ready to restore” vault, which is installed at your premises. Our backup equipment comes preinstalled with backup software that supports a wide range of operating systems, databases and applications.

local only backup configuration

Technical features

Since there is no need to install software, the backup starts within minutes once the on-site vault and office network are connected. LiveBackup software allows companies to back up virtually any device from an enterprise server to a tablet, or smartphone. Backups run automatically as per your required schedule.

LiveBackup local only backup

Business benefits

The local-only backup configuration is a cost-effective alternative to traditional tape backup solutions. There are no additional costs for purchasing or maintaining the backup media. Incremental backup allows you to backup as many generations of data as you need without expanding your backup storage.

local backup configuration

Key benefits of the local-only backup configuration


Data resides locally at the customer’s premises in a compressed form


Backups and data is restored at LAN speeds


A low-cost, agentless alternative to the old tape-based backup method


No bandwidth costs, as no data is transmitted offsite


Each generation of backups is independently restorable


Backup sets can be easily replicated to an offsite backup location

Service management options

LiveBackup enables clients to select the options that best suit their requirements. The local-only configuration can be self-managed by the client, or by combining resources with LiveBackup. Please consult our team for additional information.

Local Only backup configuration

  Service management options
Service elements Outsourced Shared Private
On-site vault x Shared Customer
Data centre vault Sydney x x x
Data centre vault Brisbane x x x
Administration console x Web portal Web portal
Technical support x Level 2 Level 2

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