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How LiveBackup Works

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The agentless software behind our online backup system collects data from all your devices: servers, computers, tablets and smartphones, encrypts it and backs it up at a prescheduled time.

how LiveBackup works

Getting started with LiveBackup

Based on your input and preferences, our team of engineers install and configure LiveBackup to suit your backup needs. LiveBackup will then automatically perform the scheduled backup of your files from servers, computers, even tablets and smartphones. Once initiated, the backup process requires no involvement on your part.

How it works

Technology behind the backup service

LiveBackup utilises a combination of secure on-site vaults manufactured by market leaders, together with remote backup vaults located in geographically separate data centres. The data centre vaults consist of fault-tolerant enterprise hardware that can store unlimited amounts of data. All backup and restore processes are easily monitored and managed via the user portal.

How backup process works

How live backups are run

During the backup process, the designated data is retrieved from your servers and computers, and stored in an encrypted format in the on-site vault. A copy of the data (in the encrypted format) is also transferred over a broadband internet connection to the remote vaults, where it is replicated between the servers in each of the data centres.

How online backup and restore works

Restoring backup data

Data can be retrieved from your on-site vault at any time by using your LAN network, or via broadband from one of the secure offsite vaults. The process is usually completed within minutes. By using multi-location backups you are assured that, in the event of an on-site disaster, you will be able to get all your data quickly back online, ensuring continued business operations.

how LiveBackup service works

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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Business solutions

Learn how LiveBackup is able to satisfy all your business’s data protection requirements.

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LiveBackup benefits

See how LiveBackup sets new standards in the world of business data backups.

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