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With our leading backup and restore software you are provided with maximum security guarantees, allowing you to back up all devices while aligning the value of your data with the cost of protecting it.

asigra backup software

LiveBackup software

LiveBackup has partnered with world’s leading backup software developer Asigra to offer Australian businesses the only agentless, multi-site backup and restore software solution available.

Our software uses WAN optimisation techniques, and its architecture exceeds the limitations of traditional backup solutions. LiveBackup revolutionises backup management and the associated costs of data protection.

asigra software

Agentless architecture

Our software requires just a single device on which to run, creating the benefit of providing a single point of administration across an entire business network. This reduces the overheads of the production network to a minimum, and is non-pervasive in terms of critical servers and applications.

Backup and restore software

Deduplication and compression

Deduplication and compression are integral features of LiveBackup’s software. These processes occur prior to the data leaving the production servers which significantly reduces network traffic.

Incremental backup and restore

Incremental backups

LiveBackup optimises the use of backup storage space by only backing up incremental block changes on a day to day basis. This feature also significantly reduces the number of backup windows.

Asigra backup and restore software

WAN optimisation

Your existing internet connection can be utilised to run the backups using WAN optimisation, thus eliminating the requirements of a dedicated internet connection.

Fast restorations

Full servers and desktops can be re-stored in minimal time. The server returns exactly as it did prior to the hard disk failure with exactly the same IP address, active directory and registry.

Encryption standards

All data is encrypted and decrypted by the client software, ensuring encryption both in-flight and at rest. We use AES128-bit and AES256-bit encryption standards.

Hot database and open file backup

With LiveBackup, software backups of SQL, Oracle, Postgres, DB2 and Access databases can be done “hot” (whilst still running), which adds to your security and saves time.

Benefits of the LiveBackup software

bulletBackups and data is restored at LAN speeds


bulletAll restorations are fast, efficient and easy to manage



The software allows for the full protection of all information



Automatic backup processes run at prescheduled times



Your network bandwidth and storage consumption is reduced



It offers an advanced encryption system for all data when in-flight and at rest



The software supports the latest operating systems, servers, email systems, databases and storage environments.


Over the last 25 years Asigra has continued to lead the market with an efficient, cost-effective and transformational ‘Backup and Recovery’ solution which aligns the value of business data with its associated storage costs.

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