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Data Centre Vault

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LiveBackup provides highly reliable data centre locations for your offsite backups. Our remote vaults are installed at fully certified data centres in Sydney and Brisbane.

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What is a LiveBackup data centre vault?

LiveBackup’s data centre vaults provide optimum reliability and security. They are located in fully-certified data centres in two geographically remote locations. Preinstalled with LiveBackup software which collects backup data from the on-site vaults, these high performance appliances store and replicate backup sets between the two data centre sites.

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Virtually unlimited backup storage space

Our remote backup vaults will satisfy all your backup storage requirements, with the option of being able to back up from 50 GB to 10TB of your data. Your business is able to store a range of backups in our vaults, and we provide you with the opportunity to set different retention policies.

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Maximum security for offsite backups

LiveBackup data centres house some of the world's most demanding, mission-critical servers. Our centres are manned 24/7, 365 days a year by highly experienced and fully trained operations staff who follow the highest standards, maintaining confidentiality, integrity and the availability of data. Benefit from our uncompromising levels of security.

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LiveBackup’s data centre vaults

The LiveBackup data centre vaults can be used for primary backup storage or can act as replication sites for data stored within the “Ready to restore” vault located on the business premises. Backup data can be replicated to second data centre location or archived, according to your requirements.

Offsite backup solutions advantages

Great natural disasters are relatively rare; however, disasters on a smaller scale occur surprisingly frequently. For this reason, in addition to the increase in cyber-threats, businesses are now recognising the benefits of backing up all their critical or intellectual property offsite. LiveBackup provides you with a secure and simple means to achieve the ultimate solution in data security. Our service allows you to store as much data as is required to protect your business. Our service is flexible and supports all operating systems, databases and business applications. With LiveBackup, rest assured your data is protected and will remain protected from now on.

Features of LiveBackup’s data centre vaults


Complete data security

Our data centres are built to effectively manage and withstand fire, floods, and earthquakes. Rest assured your valuable business data is secure and well protected.


High connectivity speeds

LiveBackup’s data centres are connected to an enterprise grade, gigabit broadband network that guarantees high connectivity speeds, for fast and reliable data transfer.


Two secure locations

The data centres are geographically separate – even in the event of a catastrophe at your site or a regional natural disaster, your data is safe and easily retrievable.


Unlimited backup storage

LiveBackup remote data centre vaults consist of tier one, fault-tolerant enterprise hardware which can store virtually unlimited amounts of data.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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Business solutions

Learn how LiveBackup is able to satisfy all your business’s data protection requirements.

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LiveBackup benefits

See how LiveBackup sets new standards in the world of business data backups.

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