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LiveBackup “Ready to Restore” On-site Vault

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The LiveBackup “ready to restore” on-site vault allows for instant data restoration. This makes it ideal for businesses with strict recovery-time objectives, and those who cannot afford any downtime.

The “ready to restore” on-site vault

The on-site vault

The “Ready to restore” on-site vault is a physical backup device which has been preinstalled with the LiveBackup software. The vault resides at your premises, but is owned and wholly managed by LiveBackup. You will be provided with one vault for each location. The vault allows for high speed backups and instant data restoration, keeping your business running smoothly.

Onsite backup vault

Backup and restore at LAN speeds

Data is collected by the on-site vault from across your entire business network – servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones – through one centralised interface. At any time you can also replicate all or part of your backup to one of our remote backup locations. If data restoration is ever required, files can be quickly and easily restored from the local environment at LAN speeds.

Highly flexible backup vaults

Flexible storage capabilities

Our “Ready to restore” on-site vaults offer you a choice of backup storage capacities, from 50GB to 10TB. LiveBackup is highly flexible and our service can be scaled up or down according to your requirements. Our expert team manages all the necessary software upgrades that are vital for ensuring the LiveBackup vaults run to their maximum levels of effectiveness.

Ready to restore onsite vault

A multitude of backup options

Enjoy the best of both worlds by keeping your critical data on-site for LAN-speed recovery and also having it safeguarded at one of our data centre vaults for additional security against possible on-site threats. Set different retention policies for critical and non-critical data, as well as separate backup schedules according to current needs, and cost planning requirements.

On-site backup vault

For businesses with very a high RTO

The on-site backup vault is ideal for businesses that require frequent backups and speedy data restoration. With our “Ready to restore” vault your critical data resides locally, encrypted and compressed, allowing for seamless business continuity.

Unlimited data protection options

LiveBackup allows you to combine our “Ready to restore” vaults with one or more of our data centre vaults. You can upgrade your near-instant restoration capabilities with the replication of critical data, or utilise archiving options for valuable but, operationally non-essential data. Flexibility allows you to configure or reconfigure all aspects of your backup at any time.

Features of the “Ready to restore” on-site vault


LAN-speed recovery

The on-site vault is connected via the local area network (LAN) to each of your servers and devices allowing you LAN-speed backups and recoveries.


Local-only backup

This feature provides companies with a simple, scalable and low-cost replacement for tape backup; eliminating the need for purchasing and maintaining equipment.


Flexible storage

The LiveBackup service can be scaled up or down and our “Ready to restore” on-site vaults provide you with various storage capacities, ranging from 50 GB to 10 TB of data.


High RPO for less

Keep as many versions of your backup locally as you wish, and roll back or restore data to any point in time. As your data resides locally, there are no bandwidth costs.

Recover less, pay less

Discover how recovery based pricing can help keep your backup costs low and predictable.

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LiveBackup benefits

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