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LiveBackup provides cast-iron security. Our unique system employs a range of encryption options, data integrity and validation methods, all ensuring your online data remains safe at all times.

With our online backup service, all data is encrypted both locally and remotely. As the owner of the data, you have full authority over the encryption key. You also have the option of being able to grant password access to your staff, your LiveBackup reseller, LiveBackup, or any combination of the three.

Backup encryption

Encryption standards

Using AES128-256 bit encryption, data is encrypted at the on-site vault prior to being transmitted to the offsite vaults. Two sets of encryption keys are required to decrypt data during a data restore. Encryption keys are set during the setup stage and are known only by your company.

If the encryption key is forgotten, both the local and remote backed up data will be unable to be recovered and the entire online backup process must be restarted. LiveBackup employees do not have automatic access to your data as traditional network administrators do.

backup security

Autonomic self-healing

LiveBackup’s “autonomic self-healing” provides an automatic way to identify and correct problematic files. The process runs in the background as part of the LiveBackup system and monitors files as they are stored. If an inconsistency or corruption is detected, the ‘autonomic self-healing’ process attempts to fix the problem. If the automated fix fails, the process will request a re-synchronisation of the affected backup set.


Data validation

Data validation provides an additional safety measure to the “autonomic self-healing” process ensuring that data integrity is maintained. Restoring large amounts of data over the Internet can be time-consuming. LiveBackup offers a more efficient way to validate backed up data.

The “restore validation” process allows a test recovery to be run on the LiveBackup system without transferring any data. This “virtual restore” saves time, and fully ensures the integrity of your data.

Cloud backup security

FIPS 140 standard

The underlying LiveBackup software is certified and compliant with the US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 standard. It allows LiveBackup to deliver premier information security to government agencies and businesses, exceeding regulatory compliance standards mandated to protect sensitive or classified data.

Cast-iron security at all times

LiveBackup provides cast-iron security for all backed up data... at all times. The underlying LiveBackup software has been proven for more than 20 years; ever since encryption first became a requirement for data stored in remote data centres. Over time it has evolved to meet today’s requirements for secure online backups at local and remote sites.

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