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LiveBackup launches a revolutionary recovery based pricing model

LiveBackup - Monday, 12 May 2014

For the first time, businesses in Australia will be able to pay less as they recover less

In keeping with our reputation for being a leader in the Australian backup market, LiveBackup has made a radical change to our pricing model that will enable our customers and channel partners to realise potentially significant savings and align data protection with their core business values.

LiveBackup has made a switch from the traditional and widely used capacity based pricing model that has been used for over a decade to a new and revolutionary paradigm in backup pricing – a recovery based pricing model.

By shifting the pricing focus to the percentage of data customers recover rather than on how much they back up, the new model enables organisations to keep their backup costs low and predictable even as their data volumes rise. Enterprise customers who backup large quantities of data will particularly reap benefits as the new pricing model will enable them to significantly lower their monthly backup costs.

In the recovery based pricing model, the backup and recovery costs are separated. The two pricing elements consist of:

1) a fixed cost for Gb/month for backup capacity and

2) the recovery cost, which is based on recovery usage measured as a percentage of the company’s total backup volume. This pricing model typically provides savings of about 40 percent and up to 70 percent over time, reducing companies’ total cost of backup.

LiveBackup’s shift to the recovery based pricing model is a natural outcome of our close and longtime partnership with Asigra, one of the world’s leading backup and recovery software vendors, who is the pioneer behind this innovative, performance-based pricing model, officially known as Asigra Recovery License Model®.

There is an exponential growth in data and this is only going to continue into the future. As data grows, so do organisations’ backup needs and how much they spend on backup and storage. The adoption of the recovery based pricing model is a way for LiveBackup to put a cap on that growing cost and provide our customers and partners with a fairer, more granular and lower cost backup and recovery service.  

As the first backup provider in the Australian market to offer a pricing model with a pay-for-recovery element, LiveBackup is poised to revolutionise the backup market by aligning data protection with core business values and allowing our customers to reduce their backup costs.

For more information about LiveBackup’s new recovery based pricing, read our press release.